About Sanchalan


Sanchalan is divided into 3 major modules.

  1. Vouch
  2. Sceptre
  3. Silo
  4. Database


Vouch is a multi-node authentication service. Vouch is responsible for all kinds of authentication and authorization inside of Sanchalan.


Scepter is the heartbeat of the application. With its ability Spin threads on demand it is made to handle any kind of load that gets thrown at it.


Silo is a message broker. It handles communication between different modules and services of Sanchalan.


Sanchalan runs on multiple databases all of which are postgresql.

Sceptre In Detail

Sceptre Consists of 5 major module

  1. Profiles
  2. Policies
  3. Campaign
  4. Lead Analysis
  5. Task

Sceptre Profiles

Profile modules retrieves data from multiple source and pushes it to DB.

Profile List

Profile lists consists of all the profiles with their email and mobile number in a paginated table view.

Sceptre Profile Detail

Profile List

Profile details screen contains all the information of related to that profile. Including their current lead status.

In the tabs panel we have Attributes. Which displays all the attributes that was pushed for that profile.

P.S. More tabs to come are -> Policies, Campaign, Communications.

Sceptre Profiles

Profile modules retrieves data from multiple source and pushes it to DB.

Profile List

Profile lists consists of all the profiles with their email and mobile number in a paginated table view.

Bulk Data Add

Sceptre Profiles

Bulk add feature of profiles allow users to send bulk profiles to the sceptre..


  1. Please follow proper data format when pushing new profiles.
  2. Make Sure Your whole data set is below 50MB.

Sceptre Policies

Policy helps in filtering data and retrieve Potential customer. Also handles policy maker.

Policy List

Policy list consists of all the policies with their Profile Count and name in a paginated table view.

Clicking on add policy button opens up policy form.

Clicking on the name of one of the policy takes to policy detail screen.

Add Policy

Add policy consists of 3 sections

  1. Profile name(required) and description input field.
  2. Properties Tab where we create rule.
    1. Rule Type can be AND or OR based on. Which works exactly and and or operators of sql.
    2. User properties is a drop down of all the available user attributes for all the user.
    3. Operator dropdown with basic operators like equal greater than smaller than.
    4. Value for your rule.
  3. Save Buttons. Which will redirect to list page on click.

Policy Detail

Consists of basic details of that policies like created and updated at. With 2 tabs rules and profiles..

Profile List

Rules -> Shows rule used to create policy.

Profiles -> Profile Table with all the profiles which falls under given rule.

This section can be used to create multiple filters to test out different segments of Profiles. Edit button open takes to edit policy page.

Sceptre Campaign

Campaigns are responsible for Marketing initiative, Customer action and response, TVR and branch process system.

Campaign List

Campaign list consists of a paginated table with name, creation, updation, communication mode and status columns.

Create Campaign Button redirects to Creation Page.

Campaign Detail

Customer marked as a one of the lead type will be available on Lead Analysis page.

Once campaign is marked finish or sent drafts action are disabled..

Sceptre Lead Analysis

Lead Analysis

Lead analysis page shows you three tabs dividing all customer into three different type of leads. It handles Pre-Approved Data Analysis and Verification & Validation Process.

HOT -> This type of qualified lead meets all the required criteria which most of the time is set.

WARM -> This qualified lead misses 1 or 2 criteria.

COLD -> A qualified cold lead has 2 or 3 dis-qualifiers.

Sceptre Task

In scepter there are lots of background tasks that helps us run it smoothly without any hiccups. Some of those tasks might be of our user interest here we show detailed view for such tasks. Helps in Audit.


Runs when campaign is created and communication is supposed to be made.


Runs when Profile sync is started.

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